lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2016

4º EP Ciencias Naturales u.3 - 4th grade Natural Science u.3

El pasado lunes comenzamos la unidad 3 de Ciencias Naturales, relacionada con las plantas, explicamos sus características y clasificación (según su tallo y según sus flores). Aquí os muestro el esquema que copiaron.

Monday 21st November 2016
Unit 3: Plants
-            They are living things: they are born, grow, reproduce and die.
-            they can make their own food: photosynthesis.
-            they live attached to the ground
-            they have: roots, stem and leaves.
·    roots: help to keep it in place; they take in water and minerals.
·    stem: helps to stay upright and supports the leaves. It has two types of ducts.
·    leaves: where a plant makes it food.
-            by its stem:
·    woody: hard stem (tres and shrubs)
·    herbaceous: thin and flexible stem
-            by its flowers:
·    flowering: have flowers, fruits and sedes.
·    non-flowering: do not have seeds.

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